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There are many types of audio devices around and everyone have there pros and cons. Picking the right one for you depends on what you want to achieve. We have a good background in how they work and there limits. Bluesound for example integrates with Elan Home Automation better than Sonos.

Cinema surround

This is a great choice if you watch a lot of films and TV, they give out a lot of sound. The only down side are most need speaker cables to connect the amplifier. The cables are normally quite small so they can be hidden easily. Some of the more powerful amplifiers require larger speaker cables  but they are still not huge. There is an option to have wireless speakers but each speaker needs a 240v power socket to run them which can be a down side.

Regardless of the speaker type the amplifier has multiple audio inputs so you can connect almost anything in to it. And if you run out of inputs you can add separate switchers that basically turns a single input on the amplifier into 2-3 or 4 input.

If you have an older type and it still works well and you do not want to part from it but have other Wi-Fi units in the house eg sonos. You can add a connect amp to it and your old unit can become a powerful sonos player. Or add a Bluesound Node 2i to make it a powerfull BluOS player.

Sound Bars

If you have a flat screen TV and dislike the quality of to sound it gives, but do not want a full 5.1 surround system. These units are great for you. They are slim units that fit under your TV and come with a subwoofer to give you some punch. They are limited to the types of audio inputs but you only really need the one from the TV. As all your devices are plugged into the TV and will come out of the sound bar.

You don’t have to have the subwoofer connected but as it is Bluetooth you just need a 240v socket and away you go. Also most sound bars enable Bluetooth to connect to a phone or tablet to stream music form that device.

Stand alone Bluetooth-Wi-Fi speakers

They come in all shapes and sizes and are quite powerful for what they are. They are mobile in the fact you can unplug the power and plug it in in a different room or garden, Bluesound even have a battery pack for the Pulse 2i. You can have multiple units around the house and they can all play together and there is no delay. Most units are designed to stream music and not have devices plugged into them, but some do have this option.

In ceiling or wall speakers

If you like audio a lot and like to walk around your house without missing a beat. This is a great option. There are many types and styles of speakers. Some need power, but most just need good quality speaker cable that goes back to a distribution point. Here you can add the amplifier(s) to run the system. Some need a wall pad to turn them on and off and what you want to play. But you can have a Wi-Fi based system which allows you to stream from a pc, tablet or phone. You can group or ungroup rooms to play the same thing or something separate. You can have Sky, DVDs, Game consoles, or even the TVs linked to them. Also you can have garden speakers linked in so if you have party, just open the backdoors and have lounge and garden speakers playing the same thing.

If you would like some help setting up your sound system. Or would like to plan a full house audio system, please contact us and we can come and do a site visit and go through what you need.