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How to use a coupon.

To use a coupon, check it is within date. You need to book a quote / free advice call and quote the coupon code. EG OCT10. This will entitle you the value on the coupon off the full list price the quote / job. You can only use one coupon per customer at any one time. EG if there were two separate coupon deals running at the same time you would have to choose which one to use, you could not use both at the same time. The quote is valid until the end of the month stated on the coupon, after this full prices will resume automatically. The coupon can not be used on existing quotes or work already booked in. You can call Monday-Friday 9am-5pm see the contact page for more details.

The coupon has no money value and can not be sold on. Only one per customer at any one time. Only can be used for new quotes and work not already booked in. Applies to Domestic customers only.