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Any discounts / offers listed are for domestic dwellings in Essex only. If you live in flats, council owned, or renting we will need written permission to carry out the work. We will require a deposit before we can order any equipment. The listed price does not include “extras” eg trunking, longer power leads etc.  We have the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

CCTV – Alarms – Sonos – HD Distribution.

Due to the cost of the product we will require a non-refundable deposit for the equipment before we order the stock.

Refer a Friend for CCTV

To be eligible to enter the scheme you will need to have purchased and have installed from us, a minimum 2 camera and NVR/DVR system. You will get a unique referral code. You can pass this on to as many friends as you like. When friend(s) ask for a quote, they need to give us your code so we can link them to your account. If they purchase and have installed by us, a minimum of a 2-3camera and NVR/DVR system you will receive up to £37.50 cashback. If it’s a 4 or more camera system with NVR/DVR you will receive £50.00 cashback. You can do this to the maximum of £150 eg 3 friends purchasing a full system each. Your code will be withdrawn when you reach the £150 limit.

Its a little thank you for choosing Aarons Aerial Systems Ltd!

Referral codes have no monetary value and can not be sold on. Cashback will only be paid once a referral has been installed and paid for in full. Aarons Aerial Systems Ltd withhold the right to withdraw the loyalty scheme without notice at any time.