Example Prices

As we offer a tailor-made service, every installation can be different. You can use the example prices listed as a rough guide.

Here are some example prices of our standard installations.

  • Loft aerial £155.00
  • External aerial ( standard ) £175.00
  • External aerial ( heavy duty ) £195.00
  • Sky / Freesat dish ( wall mounted ) £145
  • Masthead amplifier and power supply unit £97.15
  • 4-8 way amp £85-£100
  • 4G filter £75
  • Single TV point with a surface box ( internal / external ) £75

We offer discounts on the above prices when we combine items together. Eg a new loft aerial and a 4 way masthead and PSU could be £210 not £252.15. Or 3 TV points could be £165 not £225.

For other jobs like fault finding and system overhauls etc.

  • Call out charge ( reduced )  eg retunes, user error, £50.00+ parts 
  • Call out charge eg fault finding, reconfiguring cabling, minor ladder work £65+ parts
  • Half day charge £115+ parts
  • Full day charge £220+ parts

We are always looking to get the best results for your budget. If we can do a repair and work with what you have we will. If we think that we will always be back to adjust or change things we would recommend a better solution that may initially cost more at installation, but long term we don’t have to come back multiple times so it would be more cost affective.