We are here to help if you are having reception problems with TV aerials, Radio aerials, Satellite reception and more.

Aerials and Dish reception

Reception is the “bread and butter” of our industry! We have been fitting them since 1999, inside / outside / garden sheds / caravans. We know what can affect signals and how to minimise it to give you the best reception.

New Aerials

If you don’t have a aerial we will arrange a site visit. Here we can test the signal inside and out. We can tell you where the best place for the aerial to be located and if you need any amplification. We will confirm a price, and if you would like it done there and then and we have time we will get started. Once complete we will tune your TV’s and boxes ready for you to watch.

New dishes

If you require a new dish we will do a site survey to get the right direction and elevation. We will tell you if any trees are likely to cause you any problems in the future. If its a new build we can run the cables into the loft to make the install neat and tidy. We will connect it to your Sky/Freesat box and tune it in.

Existing aerial / dish problems

If you have an existing aerial and your having problems with reception we have various signal meters to diagnose most problems. Pair this with the many years experience its a winning combo. We will test the tv points, distribution system and the aerial. We can then let you know the problem and how much it will cost to repair. Most repairs can be done there and then. We have a spectrum analyser for the out of the ordinary problems. One of the latest issues are 4/5G mobile mast signals. As its on the top part of the old tv spectrum, some of the original wideband aerials and distribution units allow this through and can cause signal breakup. The spectrum analyser allows us to see the frequency’s visually, see the quality and can make amendments accordingly.

  If you need help with any of the above please contact us.