We are here to help if you are having reception problems with TV aerials, Radio aerials, Satellite reception and more.

For a small job that doesn’t need any parts ( apart from connections etc ) a call out of around £45.00 should cover it. If you decided that you would like to go ahead, normally we have the parts on the van and we could do it there and then. Or it can be booked in for another time. All our work comes with a years guarantee as standard. 99% of the aerials and amplifiers we stock are 4G filtered to minimise interference form mobile transmissions.

If you are looking for a new aerial to be fitted, due to you not having one ( new builds ) or if your one has come to the end of its life. We can see if the signal is strong enough to go in the loft. If the signal is not strong enough, or you have a loft conversion, we would test the signal on the outside. We would go through the pros and cons of the different installations and quote you for the right installation for you. Typically a loft aerial supplied and fitted is around £140.00 and outside aerials start from £165.00. ( prices quoted may vary, and are either to one point or to the amplifier/splitter you already have installed. Does not include amplification)

There are many parts to aerial / satellite systems. Cables, outlet plates, fly leads, connectors, amplifiers and splitters etc…. If there is a fault we have meters to diagnose the problem. Once we have found the fault we can quote you to fix the problem, we have most parts onboard to do it there and then if you wanted to go ahead.

If you need help with any of the above please contact us.