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smart home

Elan Smart Home / Home Automation

So lets say you have TV’s and audio in every room and a video matrix with all your HDMI sources being sent to all the rooms. How do you control it all? You can opt for the original remotes for all the devices. So that’s TV, Audio, Sky, DVD, BT, Streaming box, Matrix controls. You also have to remember what inputs and outputs each device is on and what order to do things. It can all get very messy and not all members of the family will get it.

The other option is Elan! It is a system that can be programmed to control devices via a wall display, remote control, tablet, smartphone. Its an all in one system that can control 1000’s of devices. Not only AV equipment but lighting, heating, CCTV, alarms, swimming pools and more. Lets break it down.

Simple single room

In the room you have a amplifier linked to the TV via HDMI lead. You have a Sky box going into HDMI 1 on the amp. A DVD going into HDMI 2 on the amp. You also have spotlights and a radiator. We install an Elan controller with the AV equipment and link it in. We program the controller so when you press the TV button the TV and amp come on and go to the correct input/outputs. If you press the Sky button the TV, amp and Sky come on and go to the right input/outputs. So its like a one touch operation. Once you have selected the Sky for example you can use the Elan remote / wall display / tablet / smartphone to control the Sky box and audio sound. Smart right? Lets add the spotlights too!

We can add smart dimmers to spotlights and add this to the controller. Now you can control the lighting from the same Elan remote / wall display / tablet / smartphone. We can set up a scene. Which means if you press “movie” scene the lights will go to the set level, DVD, amp, TV all come on and on the right input/outputs all at a touch of a button.

Add smart heating controls and again to the controller and you can control the heat in the room too. Add this to the scene and when “movie” is selected the heating for the room will go to the pre-set temperature.

Whole house

Now you have seen what you can do with a room, lets expand. So all the rooms and AV can be controlled, Lighting inside and out, Heating in every room. Lets create Home and Away modes. When Away is activated the heating goes to 8 degrees, all lights and AV devices go off and the alarm set. Now if you don’t come home till after dark you can have the outside lights come on 10-30 mins before sunset. Because the controller is internet based it knows when it is due to get dark. So no more changing timers or setting up PIR sensors!

When home mode is activated the heating, lighting goes to the correct schedule. For this example the heating will have 4 timed schedules on a weekday.  7am-9am, 9am-3pm, 3pm-9pm, 9pm-7am, and weekends we will have 2, 8am-9pm, 9pm-8am. Every time Home is activated it will automatically go to the timed schedule. Within the schedule the heating will have set heating points. Eg weekday 7-9am 18°c, 9-3pm 8°c, 3-9pm 19°c, 9-7am 10°c. Weekend 8-9pm 20°c, 9-7am 10°c.

You can also turn the heating up or down, on or off all from the remote / wall display / tablet / smartphone.

The same goes for lighting, alarm, media, pool, spa etc… the limit is your imagination.

If you would like to learn more on how to turn your house into a smart home please feel free to contact us