Welcome to our small online CCTV store.

We have picked our best selling CCTV items for the domestic market and put them in kits for DIY installation. Or you can build your own CCTV kit. If there are any products that you are interested in that are not listed eg IP range, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Due to Covid-19 we have lowered our stock levels but we can get most items within 2 working days. Sorry for any delay.

We have selected our best selling SPRO DVR that we install on site. It’s can be used as a basic recorder eg 24x7 recording, motion only recording or a mix of the two. P2P function, scan to QR code on your mobile/tablet and you can live view and playback recordings ( internet connection required) It has an advanced section called IVS, this has rules where you can set a tripwire or area. This will trigger the notification to your mobile. But it allows you to add height and width limits, this will minimise the amount of false notifications you get with standard motion.

Regarding storage, you can have 1-6TB hard drive installed. There are many variables which will change the outcome. Frames per second, bitrate, compression, duel stream etc. For 24x7 recording a general rule of thumb 4 x 5MP @12fps with 1TB Would give you around 9 days, 2TB 19 days, 3TB 29 days. This is mainstream only recording, sub stream would take up around 0.5 TB depending on settings. 4K (8MP) for example, 4 cameras 1Tb would be around 6 days, 2TB 14 days etc.. it’s all down to how you set the streams etc. There are many online calculators to work out roughly what to expect. Our advice is to get a hard drive that will do more than your minimum requirement of days than one that would do just under.