Tv Wall Mounting

Mounting a TV on the wall

I have mounted TVs on the wall for years and have found the hardest part is tidying the cables that connect to your devices. The first thing you find out when mounting the TV on the wall are the cables you have are normally too short. They may plug in but you cant bundle them together and make them tidy. And most cables are black, so when there against a magnolia wall they can be unsightly.

There are two options to make them more appealing. The first option is to box in the cables with trunking. They are normally square in shape and can be painted the same colour as your wall. You can get D shape trunking but I find they hold less cables so have to be bigger in size to fit it all in.

The other option is to chase out the wall if it is solid brick. Or if it is plasterboard you can fish the cables up the wall. But sometimes you have to cut a small square out to get past a stud brace. Once decorated all you see is the tv on the wall and no cables.

Here is an example of what it can look like.

TV and sound bar after hiding the cables

Types of brackets

There are many brackets from slim non moving to pull out arms so you can move the TV in any direction. Some are motorised and come out when you switch on your TV. You can also hang them from your ceiling. I can measure up your TV and suggest which one is the right one for you. Also I can supply longer cables that you may need to connect your devices and make them tidy.

If you would like more information and advice on hanging TVs on the wall please contact me and I will be glad to help.