Wireless and Wired Alarms

Ajax Wireless and Wired Alarms

Wireless and Wired alarms, we have tried lots over the years and we have found Ajax wireless and Wired alarms to be the winner. Its a very modern looking system that is app based with the Hub at the heart of it all. Once the Hub is installed, this talks to the sensors and the internet. If a sensor is triggered the Hub sends a Push notification to your smartphone and sounds the alarm. If you have an existing wired system we can in some cases replace the existing wired board with the Ajax multi-transmitter. This allows us to keep 3rd party wired sensors and integrate them into the Ajax system.

You don’t have to have a smartphone to use the system, but you will need a email address so we can set up the Hub. You can use a key fob or keypad just like a traditional alarm system.

If you do have a smartphone you can arm and disarm the alarm anywhere in the world as long as you have a 4g/WiFi signal. You can check on battery life, temperature etc. Also you can change settings like entry/exit times, keypad codes, night mode settings and more. You can link us to your system if you would like us to make changes for you off site and to service your system on site.

To operate the system you can use:

  • Smartphone
  • Key Fob
  • Keypad
  • Panic Button

The sensors you can have:

  • PIR pet friendly
  • PIR with snapshot Photo Camera
  • Door / Window contact
  • Glass Break detector
  • Fire Detector
  • Water Leak Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Outdoor PIR
  • Curtain Detector

They also have a smart plug and relay that can turn on and off remotely via the app and in scenarios.

For Offices/Warehouses and domestic rewires

Choose Ajax Fibra!

Fibra is the newest wired system from Ajax and has all the latest technology in a cabled system. This is ideal for Office spaces and warehouses as we can easily rewire the building where needed and due to Ajax Fibra being hybrid we can also deploy wireless sensors for the hard to reach places. Ajax Fibra system can have up to 500m of cable per bus ring. A bus ring is antisabotage because it has two directions of communication. Or we can opt for a beam configuration that can reach up to 2000m in length per bus. This is a supervised cable so if the cable is tampered with the alarm will go off.

House package 1 installed from £529.00

  • Standard hub
  • 2 x key fobs
  • 1 x Door / window contact
  • 2 x PIR sensor
  • 1 x internal siren
  • 1 x external siren
  • App control

Additional sensors can be added to the system at additional cost.

House package 2 installed from £599.00

  • Standard hub
  • 1 x keypad
  • 1 x Door / window contact
  • 2 x PIR sensor
  • 1 x internal siren
  • 1 x external siren
  • App control

Additional sensors can be added to the system at additional cost.

Ajax system service £99.00 + batteries ( when needed ).

If you have a Ajax alarm system we can look after it for you. We can check your system for detectors/hub going offline, batteries low and need changing and notify you and organize a site visit. We can change passcodes on keypads, change entry/exit delays, volume of sirens etc. If you have a Multi-transmitter we can do an onsite drop test of the battery backup.

If you would like to have a wireless alarm fitted or serviced please contact us.