Wireless Alarms

We install and service Yale wireless alarm systems. They are unmonitored so there is no monthly or yearly fee. We can supply and install or install one you have bought yourself. The systems we supply have a 200m range ( clear line of site ) so they should cover your out-buildings with ease. You can have up to 40 devices connected to the main hub, and you can arm and disarm the alarm from your smart phone anywhere. You can receive notifications on your smartphone / tablet if the alarm is triggered or armed / disarmed, batteries getting low, the sensor’s have a weak signal etc.

If you do not have a smartphone you can have a keypad and key fobs to arm and disarm the alarm. You can have different key codes for different people on the keypad so you can easily remember your own code.

The batteries are easy to replace and they typically last up to 2 years, there is one screw that holds on the case and you then change the battery. then reset the tamper alert and your back up and running. We offer a battery changing service if you would prefer not to touch it yourself. Please tell us the model of your Yale alarm and how many sensors you would like changed. Most people have all the batteries changed in one go as that should be done for another 2 years or so.

You can add Yale smart plugs which can turn on lamps or devices remotely. This can give the impression someone is at home, or switch on a light before you get home in a hallway.

If you would like to have a wireless alarm fitted or serviced please contact us.